Manual machine have what advantage

by:Gewinn     2020-04-28
We all know that machinery can be divided into two kinds, manual and automatic and manual machine has advantages of what? Woodworking machinery factory below small make up just to tell you: 1. Compact, lightweight, high quality, price beauty. 2. Manual woodworking machinery can transform the workplace, manual machinery to decorate construction site construction, suitable for decoration industry. 3. The application of the sealing sideband width range increased to 10 mm - 50毫米。 4. The host for the glue system: used for roller, two fixed fulcrum, stable structure, strong and durable. 5. Special glue pot insulation design; Capacity increases and the preheating time is short. 6. Thermostat: according to sealing sideband and hot-melt adhesive for sol temperature, automatic temperature control. 7. Governor: according to different glue need to adjust the machine speed and pressure belt. 8. All electrical accessories meet UL and CSA standards, the machine have meet CE certification. Woodworking machinery co. , LTD. , the main production machinery, woodworking drill, in the production of woodworking machinery has a solid strength and excellent technology. Our company undertake customized production of large mechanical equipment, looking forward to your cooperation.
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