Manufacturer of woodworking machinery pressure single-side woodworking planer operation should pay attention to details

by:Gewinn     2020-05-02
Woodworking machinery manufacturers use single-side woodworking pressing planer, besides to master the correct method of use, still need to pay attention to some details operation: 1, single-side woodworking pressing planer machine woodworking machinery manufacturer in use after a period of time, the knife shaft and blades wear out, must carry on the blade sharpening and update, pay attention to each blade knife shaft for sharpening and replacement at the same time, make the knife shaft dynamic balance. 2, single chip woodworking plane maximum pressure depth shall not be greater than 5 mm in order to avoid damage to the machine tool parts. Woodworking machinery manufacturer in the process of driving feed, such as chip for plane depth is too big or too hard day led on wood knife shaft speed slow down, or when the different sound, the woodworking machinery manufacturers should immediately turn off the power supply, check the cause of the problem. 3, single-side woodworking planer pressure must be checked before driving parts fasteners and the lubrication part needs to be lubricated. Woodworking machinery manufacturers have to turn the motor by hand before driving the v-belts, check whether the knife shaft, gear and other rotating parts is flexible, with or without collision phenomenon, everything is ok before driving. In addition, woodworking machinery manufacturer in every day after work, the work site must be removed, and clean up to press the single-side woodworking planer, turn off the power supply, to prepare for next time use!
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