Manufacturer of woodworking machinery woodworking sawing machine for cutting step

by:Gewinn     2020-05-02
Woodworking machinery manufacturers, operators before using woodworking sawing machine, must check whether circuit line is safe, saw shaft bending, installation of saw blade and shaft are concentric and so on. Moreover, woodworking sawing machine for cutting operation steps are as follows: 1, woodworking machinery factory starts, sawing must can be carried out after normal speed; 2, woodworking machinery manufacturers, operators should wear protective glasses, stand at the side of the saw blade, ban standing and facing the saw blade direction of rotation of the centrifugal force; 3, woodworking machinery manufacturers when feed at the bottom of the material must be against moving workbench 'anchor', right tight positioning device; 4, woodworking machinery factory cutting the strength should be uniform, when material on top tight positioning device, material return. It is worth noting that the woodworking machinery manufacturers saw blade must level off, smooth, no rust, sawtooth to sharp, and a proper saw road, can not have continuous missing teeth. Woodworking machinery manufacturers, saw blades, such as cracks, cracks in the end should be check in, in case you continue to expand.
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