MAPAL Tool successfully held a technical lecture

by:Gewinn     2022-06-03
Dr. Jochen Kress, the technical president of MAPAL Germany and the third-generation manager of MAPAL, gave technical speeches in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou in July 2009. Dr. Jochen Kress deeply analyzed the advantages of MAPAL tools in efficient machining, and more incisively explained MAPAL's innovative tool system concept and MAPAL's forward-looking research results. In response to the current economic crisis, Dr. Jochen Kress elaborated on MAPAL's innovative tool system concept around four major themes: tool professional team, tool inventory, tool management and tool optimization to help customers improve efficiency, optimize production, and survive the economic crisis. . 'In order to reduce costs and increase efficiency in production, we need to continuously improve product quality in order to shorten the production cycle. In order to meet customer requirements, MAPAL provides comprehensive processing and a wide range of solutions including planning and management processes.' Jochen Dr. Kress said. In addition, MAPAL Tools promises to continuously strengthen research and development efforts to provide our customers with high-quality products and the best solutions to help customers improve production efficiency.
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