Marine seiko machinery what are the advantages compared with traditional woodworking machinery?

by:Gewinn     2020-04-28
Woodworking machinery factory production of the new machinery a practical board, compared with the traditional woodworking machinery has the following advantages: 1, mechanical transmission through within the frame of the open cavity has groove, the surface of the frame and is located in the top of the transmission channel fixed finite plate connected, frame at the top of the rotating shaft connection, and the surface of the rotating shaft fixed connection have to send sealing side dish, send sealing side plate the surface of the transmission links have article sealing side, the surface of the frame slider sliding connection, the bottom of the slide bar across the surface of the frame and extends to the frame of the inner cavity, the frame of the inner cavity opening is connected with the surface of the slider sliding chute, of transmission through compression plate tensile stretch and pressing edge banding, and can according to the actual situation, through the pull the slide limit lever to the position of the slider, to adjust the pressure plate to the tensile strength of edge banding, to ensure the smooth of edge banding, increase the wood mechanical machining accuracy, improve the efficiency of the sealing side. 2, machinery through has glue on the surface of the frame fixed connection, and the right side of the coating mechanism connected with to send plastic pipes, and send to the surface of the plastic pipe runs to send plastic hole, send the coating structure of rubber by conveying hose on the plastic spray hole on the board to ontology, enables the rubber to uniform distribution on the surface of the board to ontology, enables the sealing side next to more neat and smooth, prevent the sealing side concave hole or the bulge and situation, improve the machining precision of the machine. Woodworking machinery factory is a large famous woodworking machinery manufacturing enterprises in shandong district, 2019, the factory production of this machine to solve the traditional machinery in sealing side, often because of the fold edge banding or uneven and often produce product defect problem, has been listed by the widespread praise of consumers!
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