massive tunneling drill in seattle, beset by delays, resumes work

by:Gewinn     2019-09-12
A huge tunnel.
Due to security issues, boring machines that were idle in Seattle last month were allowed to resume work for $3 on Tuesday.
1 billion waterfront road replacement projects plagued by delays, mechanical problems and cost overruns.
The drill, known as Bertha, was ordered by the Washington state Department of Transport in January to stop digging under downtown Seattle.
After a big pit was opened at the construction site.
Contractor Seattle Tunnel Partners have been given conditional permission to resume drilling and recovery excavation on Tuesday as long as they comply with a series of new safety agreements for ground control and worker safety, state traffic officials said.
Shutdown is the world\'s largest tunnel-the latest issue with Bertha
Boring machine in diameter, which has become a symbol of the failure of critics of the road replacement project, they think this is wrong
Planning and expensive.
Bertha was taken to Seattle to dig an underground highway to replace the scenic but wobbly Alaska highway viaduct that was damaged in the 2001 magnitude earthquake and was close to the end of life.
In December 2013, the $80 million exercise stalled below the city, completing only 10% of the work.
The extraction and repair of 7,000 tons of instruments took two years.
The road project was originally planned to cost $2 billion and was completed in 2015.
According to the latest pre-suspension estimates, it is not expected to be completed until April 2018.
Critics of the project compared it to Boston\'s \"Big Dig. S.
The highway project took nearly a decade to complete than originally planned and was notorious for cost overruns, design flaws, worker deaths and other issues.
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