MC - 1500 hz series CNC woodworking lathe characteristics

by:Gewinn     2020-04-13
Equipment main features: the body parts: lathe bed, head and tailstock is highly rigid cast iron structure, other small assembly all adopt the casting, all castings do tempering processing, to ensure that the size precision, material stability, improve the ability of resistance to deformation. Numerical control part: adopting the high reliability of the numerical control module, developed by our company independently complete the program, for its work stability and after-sale service, installation and deployment are reliable guarantee. Operating parts: use 'sectional processing method and the numerical control system, friendly operation interface simple, using simple tips and size of the direct input Chinese characters set method. Master programs: two points localization process and CNC programming, customers can choose according to need. Perform parts: adopts high precision stepper motor drive, interpolation calculation, ensure the accuracy of machining dimension. Feed parts: one is to use national standard type of machine tool slide rail and precision ball screw drive, the second is v-shaped rail, high precision, high hardness, high load coefficient, effective control of linear error. Drive part: adopt variable frequency speed regulation system, wood vibration problem can be solved by adjusting the rotational speed. Spindle parts: divided into uniaxial and biaxial, single axis can be mounted to the chuck, two-axis 2 root can be processed simultaneously. Feed parts: can be divided into the uniaxial and biaxial single feed double feed, feed system is divided into: biaxial single feed and two-axis double MC localization system and CNC system localization system: computer programming, direct input control panel, easy to learn, do not need to have based CNC system: computer programming, U disk was admitted to the control panel directly processing, has the certain basis.
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