Mechanical analysis of numerical control woodworking CNC lathe common faults

by:Gewinn     2020-04-14
Professional CNC woodworking equipment processing enterprises, we have a responsibility to numerical control woodworking lathe design to perfect, the user at the time of use, be able to complete the work of convenient, fast, thus to create profits. But in the face of inevitable accident and fault, we can do is remind, sweet reminders. Shandong constant d CNC machinery co. , LTD. , summarizes several numerical control woodworking lathe in the course of application, prone to failure of a few rules, hope you more attention. 1. The scope of the accident. Tool cutting damage generally is individual, only manipulator or accidental contact tool individuals; The impact of the wood or fly out of combat damage wood only in relation to machine manipulator, sometimes also can spread around the machine and other staff. 2. A high incidence of accident mechanical types. Lack of accurate statistics of woodworking machinery accidents in China, the basic situation is: for the first flat planer; The second is the small-sized class ( Mainly circular saw machine and band sawing machine) ; The third is the milling machine, a prototype, but the latter two are much lower than the former two accidents. 3. See long time accident. Mechanical accident is almost always occurs during the normal control of carpentry work. Accident happens, the normal operation of the machine, rare in fault state of the machine or auxiliary operations ( Such as replacement of cutting tools, inspection, adjustment, cleaning machine, etc. ) Phase. 。 4. Accident harm. Do most of the accidents are caused by the cutter cutting injury; Followed by the cause of the processing, the topic caused by the machine itself less accidents. Above is the company summarizes the common faults of CNC woodworking lathe rule, hope you more attention, in a timely manner to eliminate hidden dangers, to do it happily went to work, and go home. If you have more details on technical issues, please log in shandong constant d CNC machinery co. , LTD's official website http://www. gmhwjx。 Com/query
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