Mechanical automation design company with everybody to learn lathe safety operation procedures

by:Gewinn     2020-04-10
The most precious thing is life, life belongs to people only once, so no matter in do anything before we all want to make preparations for safety. So how to make the life safety of the workers in the wood processing factory guaranteed? Today we antai machinery automation design company take everybody to learn about numerical control woodworking lathe safety operation procedures. 1, before operating this machine, please read the instructions in detail. Check whether the earth wire is grounded firmly, all parts are normal. Operating position whether bright light, ( Untrained personnel do not operate the machine) 。 2, operation to do three tight, sometimes, when a note. Three: tight tight clothes, tight waist, tight sleeve; Position: no tie, don't wear a bracelet, with no gloves; A note: pay attention to protect his eyes. 3, before start the machine, please note that all warning signs instructions. 4, find out the direction of rotation of drill bit, choose right bit. 5, and shall not be close to or touching moving or rotating parts. 6, if the vertical and horizontal drilling borehole interfere, asynchronous work must be chosen. 7, total power before closing, please do not adjust or repair the machine. 8, all electrical breakdown maintenance, to professionals need to be. 9, do not modify or bypass circuit protection circuit. 10, electrical control panel is only open when check electrical circuits or maintenance. 11, when the replacement machine parts, parts used must conform to the manufacturer specifications. 12, when the machine reach a top speed, before operation. 13, if produce have different conditions, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to check. 14, when stop machine tools must be completely operators can only come after downtime. I hope you can learn and apply to practice, achieve the safe operation. For their own value also is responsible to the family of a.
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