Mechanical CNC dovetail machine work efficiency

by:Gewinn     2020-05-02
Mechanical production CNC dovetail machine, for ordinary users, low price, high technology, high performance equipment. 1. Processing production of high efficiency and long service life, machinable various hardness male female wooden tenon ( At the same time processing) 。 2. The system USES Germany Siemens PLC control servo motor drive. The system runs stably, high processing quality, simple operation, no specialized training. 3. By Siemens LCD can be input and modified processing parameters, automatic tool wear compensation. 4. Perfect lubricating system make the machine run more smoothly, longer service life. 5. CSJ - 400 b type CNC dovetail machine price performance ratio is other ordinary single shaft, multi-axis dovetail machine. CNC dovetail machine price actually to must be based on one's own, production and processing of the specifications of the steel and keep to determine the effect of the price, even if is the same specifications, the price also has certain gap, at around 90% customers choose CNC dovetail machine. According to configuration function is different price. Multi-function integrated equipment is in commonly 4 - Around 50000, belongs to the normal price, because of high quality multi-purpose parts cost in 6 - Basic is 7000 yuan or so, manufacturers add a capital and human. So in 4 - price Belong to the reasonable price of $50000. Woodworking machinery factory formerly have professional sales Taiwan imports of machinery for several years, has won the general customers the consistent high praise, but also created a group of professional and technical personnel and high-quality maintenance team, unceasingly for the factory laid a solid foundation for the research and development and innovation. 'Quality first, quality service, customer first' is the person setting will adhere to the business philosophy. To this end, we will add one hundred times efforts, to create a more perfect product to meet your requirements.
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