Mechanical employees daily work process

by:Gewinn     2020-04-28
As a machinery factory workers, daily work process generally are fixed, so we put the process records, this will help our employee or primary operational staff can be a very good for their early work. In line with the process of work, not to make mistakes. A, first of all we need to iron heated to a suitable temperature, is about 200 degrees or so, when the mechanical indicator start on above, we can open the other switch. Machine start to work, the temperature of the glue port should be on the basis of the original reheat 20 degrees, roller, on the basis of the original minus 20 degrees or so. Second, in the mount of edge banding, put need sealing side of the workpiece flat conveyor belt, to tightly close to the navigation track, then parallel even move forward. Third, when you need a different kind of workpieces, need to check first, and must be checked first. Four, material of the comrades at the time of receiving material should first clean up the dust above the platform before work. Five, such as sealing side after the completion of the work we should get into the habit of a very good, turn off the power supply, and tidy up the scene of some of the things, neat, clean up health. With this process, we work more systematic, but also need to pay attention to the details of the mechanical operation process, we are in the process are also indicated. More details, welcome to inquire!
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