Mechanical safety certification program

by:Gewinn     2020-05-18
1, apply for certification, certification enterprise fill in Chinese mechanical safety certification application form, and provide relevant documents and materials, and pay the products and materials, at the same time pay product certification fee. 2, examine the application materials, the relevant provisions of the Chinese mechanical security certification center Ann review application form and relevant documents and materials submitted by enterprises. 3, the product is approved. China machinery safety certification center according to the specified requirements, to the application for certification of products in the form of approved material review, the application and relevant documents and materials, the material of product form approval after, China mechanical security certification center and apply for certification of enterprises signed the contract. 4, the enterprise quality system audit. China machinery organization team conducted a process-based security certification center, according to relevant requirements of enterprise quality system audit. 5, product safety tests, China mechanical security certification center entrusted by the state bureau of technical supervision approved testing laboratory in accordance with the relevant requirements of the safety performance of the product inspection.
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