Mechanical woodworking CNC dovetail machine worthy of your choice

by:Gewinn     2020-05-01
CNC dovetail tenon machine won the market in cabinet manufacturing industry application. Numerical control woodworking machine tool dovetail tenon machine, touch screen operation, mixed servo motor control, easy to use convenient. How it works: put wood dovetail joint processing stage, in turn with vertical milling cutter, cutting the last at the end of workpiece board games. Horizontal movement up and down mill tenon structure with milling cutter. CNC dovetail groove processing has been choose manual type control system, to carry out a variety of CNC dovetail mortise machine, half hidden dovetail joint, the connected straight mortise, connect the production and processing of triangle tenon. Production and increase the efficiency of must, nc machine tools of dovetail joint equipment slowly into the line of sight of everyone. CNC machine chooses two jig replace production and processing way of work, more convenient to improve efficiency. The basic production and processing wood total in 600 - wide - - - - - - 1000 mm is differ, machinery and equipment use touch screen operation, systematic show fill several practical operation, must according to the pictures on the screen type must only main parameters in the production and processing goods can be simple, convenient and practical. Precision of servo control, have greatly improved, the spindle speed at 12000 r/min, the speed is 4 - ordinary equipment 6 times, the spindle motor drive the cutter machining, one-time milling to two pieces of wood, convenient and quick, in the aspect of maintenance, machinery and equipment also need not independent, before every time the production processing, the key component to carry out the moderate RunHua, after the production and processing, clean clean sanitation on the spot on time. Dongguan shatian of woodworking machinery factory is located in convenient transportation, is apart from the world famous' furniture of all - Furniture avenue, houjie town, only ten minutes away, especially for foreign customers, our factory has the advantage of sit on the dock.
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