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When you read this, the world\'s first variable density tunnel rig (TBM)
Run silently under the streets of Kuala Lumpur, setting up key connections for the upcoming Express bus (MRT)rail link.
This is the peak of mechanized tunneling, despite the diameter-wise (
Inner diameter of 5. 8m)
It\'s smaller than the boring 12 behemoth. 8m-
Road tunnel and rain management (Smart)
Almost 10 years ago.
Starting from the Kelon launch well near Jalan Peel, the first TBM was designed to deal with the 1 km-kilometer extension between the upcoming Kelon station and the Pasar rakiat station, the average working depth is 30 m.
This variable density tunnel management system is run by MMC-
Gamuda Sdn mrt Sdn Bhd and Herrenknecht AG have proven to be a very helpful teacher by integrating the lessons learned from building Smart to share some about
Weathered limestone filled with void and waterFill the cavity.
Advancing work with new tunnels-alternating between scraping dirt and rocks, on May 30, the prime minister officially launched a concrete segmented ring that eventually formed the lining or walls of a railway tunnel.
Of course, the ability and dedication of the crew are as important as the tools.
Malaysia is already very competent in building small drilling tunnels (less than 1. 5m in diameter)
Like big drilling tunnels used on cars and trains, but our expertise is mostly limited to more traditional drillingand-
Explosion or other more direct mining methods.
In addition to Smart, all road tunnels here are constructed using drilling holesand-
Explosion method, such as the Yunding senpa Tunnel (900m)along the KL-
The Karak Highway and the Menora Tunnel (800m)
Along the North
High speed south. The first (and last)
The railway tunnel completed using TBMs is at 1990 s, when a pair of 5 km tunnels are excavated by the Putra line (
Now Kelana Jaya line)
Service for 5 subway stations (Masjid Jamek-Dang Wangi-Kampung Baru-KLCC-Ampang Park).
The chief consultant for the underground part of the open service in June 1999 is UK-based Halcrow.
From civil, mechanical to electrical and logistics, successful tunnel construction is ultimately a combination of engineering disciplines.
For large drilling tunnels, the deployment of TBMs has been attended by many foreign consultants and experts.
But with the opening of Line 1 of Basheng Valley MRT (KVMRT)
Project, now Malaysia has the opportunity to train new generation workers who are familiar with large factories
Mechanized drilling.
In the past, the only way for Malaysian engineers to gain this experience was to work in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and even Singapore.
At the height of the construction of Line KVMRT 1, up to 10 TBMs will be used to complete a pair of 9. 3km-long tunnels.
These TBMs are customized.
Manufactured by German and Chinese contractors and available for follow-up lines.
In the future, the challenge for any contractor is to develop a pool of trained human resources.
Line 1 provides an unprecedented opportunity for Malaysian engineers, both experienced and fresh.
There are about 500 engineers and technicians directly under MMC
At the end of the project, Malaysia will form a valuable pool of human capital.
\"When I built a tunnel network for a water supply project with a Japanese consortium, Malaysians rarely have the opportunity to understand the difficult aspects of the tunnel work.
We are mainly limited to the role of project management in civil engineering, \"said mazuki Mohammed Salle, who is now the tunnel manager for the Cochrane launch well.
\"For example, in the last project I worked on, the tunnel team brought in their Japanese engineers, while our locals only worked on site.
Even tunnel workers are mostly Indonesians.
As far as KVMRT is concerned, we have a local team doing everything, \"said Mazuki, 37, who joined MMC-
Gamuda was in December 2011.
Another beneficiary was Ruslan Mohamed, a 39-year-old mechanical and electrical engineer.
Although he did work for many highway projects, it would be his first
Underground work
Ruslan with MMC
Gamuda admitted in last June that he entered the job without knowledge of the tunnel.
\"But after a few weeks of intensive training, including a period of time at the head office of the boring machine suppliers in Germany, I now understand how the whole system is combined and I am eager to roll, ruslan said that he is now the director of electrical for boring machines. MMC-
Gamuda\'s desire to build a talent pool fully familiar with underground works and mechanized tunnel works has been well received.
Alvin George Francis, 28, is working on his second project with MMC
Gamuda believes the company has high hopes for young talent.
\"Giving priority to young people, we get a good platform to prove ourselves.
With this confidence, we are free to engage with expats, learn from them, and manage our contractors, \"said the geotechnical graduates in charge of the logistics of the Assembly and placement of the boring machine.
Freshmen like Lin Huiyan, a graduate of mechanical engineering at Putra University in Malaysia, have played an important role in supervising the introduction of new methods for concrete segmented manufacturing.
\"I am really lucky to be a tunnel engineer because there are very few female engineers involved in tunnel engineering.
I found that mechanical engineering played an important role in the success of tunnel engineering, \"said Johor, 23.
26-year-old female tunnel engineer Mandy anyong was entrusted with all construction tasks from bidding and design to procurement and construction.
\"I am very grateful for this opportunity.
\"As a tunnel engineer, I have gained a lot of technical knowledge and planning strategies,\" Sarawakian said . \".
Another 26-year-old Sarawakian Azlan Marzuki juljulaihi said: \"My knowledge of civil engineering has been received, whether it is about excavation or the construction of tunnel segmented rings
My previous experience was micro-adjustment in 1.
5 m diameter wastewater tunnel in Kuching.
I\'m facing a 6 now.
The tunnel is 6 metres in diameter.
This made me a better tunnel engineer. ” MMC-
Gamuda wants to push the younger generation and make them the world
Work underground.
\"We are given a lot of responsibility, so we have no choice but to stand up.
I enjoyed the experience very much.
Large public infrastructure projects usually bring a sense of optimism to the community, and I am very proud to contribute to that, \"said Justin Jinjing, 23, another tunnel engineer.
According to Ubull Din Om, MMC-
Gamuda KVMRT general manager of underground engineering, human capital development has never had a chance in the company.
\"Everyone will pass on-the-
Vocational training, as well as structured career development programs.
The personnel in the tunnel team will be trained, monitored, assigned mentors, and conducted in-depth research on expatriates.
Senior building managers at Gamuda KVMRT believe that it is important for these engineers to hone their skills over the next 10 years.
\"To do this, they should get the relevant opportunity immediately after Line 1 work is over.
Otherwise, they will lose the opportunity to become experts in the field. ” MMC-
Gamuda has invested heavily in the industry, starting with its establishment of a tunnel training academy in Selangor Shah Alam, which aims to train more technicians. SPM-
Holders graduating from TTA receive approximately RM2, 000 per month.
\"We will be able to reduce our dependence on foreign labor and prepare for the high-tech cause of the Malaysian construction industry, which is important if the local consortium succeeds in obtaining future underground works, \"Ng added.
With more ground land being developed, tunnel engineering is expected to be a huge business that forces infrastructure such as railways, roads and utilities into the ground.
Penang, for example, proposes to build an undersea tunnel as the third passage to the mainland.
The high-speed railway between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore may require another undersea railway.
The flow of more than RM5bil went to dozens of Malaysian companies that managed to get work in the underground part of Line 1 only, and if subsequent tunnel works were realized, more
\"500 engineers are just people who work for us, but there is more work to be done for other companies and contractors, including the supply chain.
Not just about MMC-Gamuda.
It\'s about Malaysia.
\"It\'s enough in terms of tunnel construction,\" Ng said . \".
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