metal-based materials

by:Gewinn     2020-06-03
Commercial processing in a commercial environment, there are three main methods of forming metal through machines: casting cnc metal can be turned on a lathe, it can be manually operated or controlled on a digitally controlled computer through a computer (CNC)lathe.
The lathe rotates the workpiece at high speed and is introduced into the metal as a tool to produce a circular and cylindrical shape.
Three round pieces of metal-
Jaw chuck and non-circular metal from four-jaw chuck.
Metal can be formed using milling machine-
A very versatile tool for smoothing surfaces or edges as well as cutting grooves and contours.
Milling machine can work horizontally (
Horizontal milling machine)or vertically (
Vertical milling machine)-
Two machines perform the same task;
The main difference is in the direction of tool maintenance.
If the part is too complex to be formed by hand or on a milling machine, it can be cast by melting the metal and then pouring it into the mold.
It is possible to easily cast pewter.
The melting point is low, about 200 ℃, and the mold can be made by lasercut or hand-shaped medium-
Density cardboard (MDF).
Sand casting can cast larger and more complex shapes in two ways
Part mold: usually made by hand and placed in \"green\" sand, it is tightly wrapped around the former before removal. This is repeated in another part of the mold, making two holes in the sand, one for pouring into the molten metal (the runner)
One is metal coming out of the other side (the riser)
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