\'metal moles\' begin work below london

by:Gewinn     2019-08-26
The tunnel project is about to enter a large-scale 26-mile order for the £ 16bn trans-rail project in London (42km)
Tunnel under the capital.
The first of eight highly specialized tunnel rigs (TBM)
Each weighing nearly 1,000 tons, the Royal Oak Hotel is located in west London.
From here on, it will begin a slow journey to the east as it carve out a new East --
West underground passage
The programme is currently the largest civil engineering project in Europe.
Described by Boris Johnson as \"greedy bugs bite their way under London\", 150
The meter-long machine will take three years to build a network of tunnels under the streets of the city.
When the tunnel is constructed, TBMs will run 24 hours a day and pass through the Earth at a rate of about 100 m per week.
There are 20 people each.
Powerful \"tunnel gang\" with its own kitchen and toilet.
These machines are monitored from a surface control room that uses GPS to track their location.
Hydraulic ram at the front hold 980-
Tons of machines a few millimeters from the specified route.
A tbm will set you back about 10 m.
Once their work is completed, the machines will be sold to Herrenknecht, their German manufacturer, and renovated for further use.
TBMs will have to navigate through London\'s existing underground infrastructure, including sewers, about 10 subway lines, and the black wall and the lime house Link road tunnel.
In the deepest part, the machine will run about 40 metres underground.
The cross-rail plan was originally proposed in 1970, although it was planned to be fully constructed
After the Second World War, the big railway through central London was also planned.
By the time it is completed in 2018, the line will run 73 miles through 37 stations (118km)
From medden head and Heathrow airport in the west to Shenfield and Abbey Wood in the east.
The line is expected to deliver about 0. 2 billion passengers a year and expand London\'s rail capacity by about 10%.
Unlike the Metro, the line\'s rolling stock will be the same size as the trunk train, with about 1,500 passengers per train during peak hours.
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