metro 3: tunnel boring machines lowered at cuffe parade and worli | mumbai news - times of india

by:Gewinn     2019-09-03
Mumbai: main location in South Mumbai-
Parade from cuff to Worli through church gates, fountains, Mumbai Centre and Mahalaxmi-
Will soon witness the huge tunnel rig (TBMs)
Open two parallel tunnels for Metro 3.
The route will connect cuff Parade and Seepz through the airport.
Mumbai Metro began lowering the TBMs called Surya 1 and Tansa 1 on Thursday (
Package 1 and package 3)
The proposed stations connecting cuff Parade, Vidhan Bhavan, Churchgate and huhatma Chowk will be constructed respectively, and Mumbai Centre, Mahalaxmi, Acharya Atrey mar
Surya 1 will be launched at the shaft of cuff Parade, tunnel 2,932, while Tansa 1, which was launched at the shaft of the Science Museum, will tunnel 2,080.
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