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by:Gewinn     2019-08-19
Chennai: a tunnel to Nagar
Thirumangalam metro rail extension section, possibly the first underground line commissioned by mid-commissioned
Ready next year.
The first tunnel of 2.
797 km long, it was done a few days ago when a boring machine broke the concrete wall at Thirumangalam.
The second parallel tunnel will be completed in a few days.
This boring machine has covered a distance of 90%.
The underground extension will be connected to the elevated line from Koyambedu to Alandur and St. Thomas Hill, which will be put into trial operation by next March.
Residents of Anna Nagar will be able to use the metro to reach Koyambedu, Alandur and Mount St. Thomas
Timunglum is gaining momentum.
With the construction of the tunnel, the subway track also built underground stations along the line.
There are four planned subway stations.
Shenoy Nagar, Anna gerdong, Anna Gerta and Thirumangalam.
A subway official said the work at Thirumangalam station, nagnagnagar and Anna Nagar Tower is progressing rapidly.
\"At Thirumangalam station, the roof, square and foundation of the subway station have been completed, while the roof and chopping board are being built in shennagnagar,\" he added . \".
Station room work in Thirumangalam is underway.
The work of digging the soil is also in progress to build the entrances and exits of the two stations.
The construction of the subway station is a time-consuming and tedious process, as the subway station is located in the middle of the busy neigbourhoods.
\"We have to convince the residents that this is safe because we have to dig near multiple bases
\"When the soil is dug out and the foundation, Hall and roof of the station are built, multi-storey houses will build underground walls that support the edge of the station building,\" he added . \".
The Metro gave many introductions to residents in different locations, explaining the project, construction details and benefits.
However, the company is trying to open Koyambedu-
Alandur elevated line, behind schedule after contractor fails to comply with the deadline.
Metro railway officials hope that with the completion of more than 60% of the tunnel works, the underground part will be completed on time, with a total of 36 tunnel works.
308 km, completed. The Central-
The third extension of this underground line is advancing rapidly.
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