metro underground tunnel work on track, says mega

by:Gewinn     2019-08-29
Out of total 6.
35 km tunnels, completed work on 4 km stretchers 4 kilometers East
Tiexi corridor-
Gandhi Nagar and Ahmadinejad by Link ExpressMEGA)is complete.
14-The first phase of work
May began an extension of kilometers.
\"We hope to finish this work by 2020.
So far we have dug 4 km.
We bought expensive automatic tunnel rigs (TBMs)
To speed up this process, \"said IP Gautam, managing director of MEGA.
\"We are also monitoring the performance of the equipment and observing its impact on the Earth.
\"We are adjusting the speed of the machine to prevent it,\" he said . \".
The Metro tunnel from Saraspur runs through Kalupur train station.
\"We work 4 mt per day, with an average of 10 to 12 mt per day,\" said a senior official . \".
As more than 300 metric tons of tracks will be laid here, trains are required to slowly cross the area.
Large engineers found 15 mt of water in the underground of Gheekanta.
At Kalupur, water was found 20 mt from the ground.
\"We are laying a lining on the underground structure to protect it from moisture,\" said an engineer . \".
There are about 19 heritage buildings on the underground subway line.
Make the tunnel a challenge.
\"Maintaining the norms of archaeological investigation in India (ASI)
We designed this road more than 100 mt from heritage buildings.
We are reducing the speed of work there. Also, real-
Time measurements are being made to understand the impact of excavation on the Earth, buildings and buildings, \"said Ahmedabad man.
Large engineers say 20 structures are at risk due to ongoing work.
The underground network is 6. 35km.
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