Microelectronics and machine tool manufacturing are the 'soft underbelly' of Russian imports

by:Gewinn     2022-05-23
Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin admitted that there are difficulties in import substitution in certain areas of the Russian military-industrial complex. Rogozin said in an interview with НТВ radio, 'It is true that it is very difficult to achieve complete import substitution in some products and fields. We have two weaknesses, one is microelectronics, and the other is airport manufacturing.' Rogozin also pointed out that 'the vast majority of components used in military technology should be produced in Russia, and all or most of them should be integrated in Russia.' Rogozin believes that Russia should not be constrained by the supply of Western products in terms of national security and the security of its armed forces. Rogozin said, 'If we are subject to others for certain products, such as avionics, engines, airborne equipment, etc., then we will face tragedy and will be under pressure from the United States or other armed forces market partners.' When talking about how to get Russia out of the Western military conflict, Rogozin pointed out that 'the coercive means we have adopted may not be liked by potential aggressors, although objectively speaking, our economic potential is low.'
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