Ming xin wei machinery of the difference between induction and leakage

by:Gewinn     2020-05-01
Ming xin wei mechanical induction and leakage difference: due to Ming xin wei woodworking machinery total power device the fuse and leakage to suspend the device. And chassis grounding line device is reasonable in principle is now out of the normal in accordance with and error caused the leakage cause disturbance to sex, because a little present leakage power state machine will take the initiative to stop working and chassis grounding line normal use so people are completely no moment to touch the electric current. While induction and leakage appearance is not the same as this is a classic and the touch line, so the discriminant for the leakage breaker will not appearances. Usually use very east mechanical sealing side machine leakage appearance is very risk, can bring about personal safety hidden danger and the quality of your questions. Ming xin wei mechanical sealing side machine in this area for the customer to think very carefully usually don't attack the severe leakage issue. But is still have many customers to we call echo leakage question, through technical personnel on-site check we found did not present the leakage. This representation is called induction. The above information is for reference only, the Ming xin wei woodworking machinery, users are interested can look at our website! Hotline: 0757 27739063
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