Ming xin wei woodworking machinery factory is briefly woodworking machinery noise reduction measures

by:Gewinn     2020-05-01
All that noise level exceeds the standard provisions of the state, should be in the construction, layout, noise reduction measures. Ming xin wei woodworking machinery factory is briefly today woodworking machinery noise reduction measures: 1. Height of up to 6 m large workshop should be installed the ceiling of the absorption material ( Mineral wool acoustic board) 。 Tall, long plant, such as the width less than the height, also should install acoustic board on the wall; 2. Plant height more than 6 m. Near the top of the woodworking machine installation sound-absorbing ceiling; 3. If factory built in woodworking machine noise level is high, and allows for remote operation, operators can work in the soundproof room. 4. According to the different noise intensity of woodworking machine. Proper arrangement of the equipment, but also to achieve the goal of lower noise level. The noise of the largest equipment such as planing machine, circular saw, band saw should be separated from other equipment layout; The above information is for reference only, the late Ming xin wei woodworking machinery manufacturers interested users can give us a call! Woodworking machinery or Ming xin wei woodworking machinery, is specializing in the production of woodworking machinery manufacturers, many years of production experience, technology leading domestic, China price, trustworthy, wise choice, telephone hotline: 0757 - 27739063.
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