Ming xin wei woodworking machinery manufacturers to introduce how to troubleshoot blade saw more noise

by:Gewinn     2020-05-01
Multichip saw normal operation, the sound is smooth and rhythmic, if there is a noise that appeared in the process of using improper, today Ming xin wei woodworking machinery factory introduction how reason 1 screening blade saw more noise. Multichip saw not placed in a horizontal position, the machine is not stable cause resonance occur when machine is running machine, and noise. Solution: check whether the machine is placed level, with level placed in the machine flat, can detect whether the machine in a horizontal position. 2. Multichip saw motor spindle speed too fast, noise. Solution: if no special requirement, the speed of the motor, the spindle unnecessarily high, enough is enough. The machine resonance speed too fast, easy to change and noise. 3. Multichip saw blade installation errors, installation direction and main shaft running in the opposite direction. Solution: check whether the blade is installed correctly, saw blade device direction should be the same as the direction of running. 4. Much damage blade saw driving, linkage, high-speed rotating noise. Solution: check the equipment of the shaft bearing, spindle and linkage. 。 。 Transmission device such as whether the case of damage, if damaged, need to be replaced immediately. 5. Many screw loose piece of saw devices. Solution: check if there is a loose screw each connecting parts. 6. Multichip saw spindle for dynamic balance processing, eccentric spindle have happen. The above information is for reference only, the Ming xin wei woodworking machinery manufacturers interested users can give us a call! Hotline: 0757 27739063.
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