MingXinHao woodworking machinery woodworking planer safety device

by:Gewinn     2020-09-29

MingXinHao woodworking machinery, woodworking planer safety device

all kinds of the planer for personal injury to the operator are as follows. Is a hand push timber easily hurt fingers, flat plane on hands for multiple accident, have not been able to very good solve. More advanced method is to use photovoltaic technologies to protect the operator, the current domestic application effect is not ideal: for effective method in the plane is dangerous locale safety protection devices, and restricted with the spacing of mesa, keep your fingers into the danger zone, the actual application effect is good. Second, reducing the noise reducing occupational hazards of planer, such as using open hole positioning gaskets, can reduce the noise to the dB.

most woodworking machinery have different degrees of risk or harm. A targeted additional safety device, is to protect the operator's physical and mental health and safety, promote and realize the safe production of children's technical measures.

woodworking machinery accident, hand pressure on the flat plane accident in the majority, so in hand pressure on the flat plane must have a safety protection device, for the sake of safety, design and installation of hand press flat cutter shaft must meet the following requirements:

( ) Must use the cylindrical cutter axis, the absolute ban the use of knife shaft.

( ) Pressure piece of flange should be with external circular knife shaft, when the hands touch the knife shaft, will only bruised finger skin and will not be cut off.

( ) Reach out amount can't more than a knife shaft diameter cutter blade. mm。

( ) Plane mouth opening quantity should comply with the rules.
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