Mitsubishi Electric mainly nuggets the Indonesian market with CNC wire cutting machine tools

by:Gewinn     2022-06-01
According to Japanese media reports, Mitsubishi Electric plans to increase the sales of machine tool products in Indonesia, and the headquarters has dispatched a full-time head of machine tools for Indonesia to Mitsubishi Electric Asia Co., Ltd. (MEAP). It is understood that MEAP is responsible for the jurisdiction of the ASEAN region (except Thailand). Other businesses such as home appliances and industrial machines, etc., Mitsubishi Electric aims to respond quickly and carefully to the needs of local customers by setting up a full-time person in charge of machine tools for Indonesia. At present, Japanese and non-Japanese companies are entering the Indonesian market one after another, exploring emerging markets with automobile-related products as the mainstay. In response to the increasing demand for machine tools in Indonesia, Mitsubishi Electric decided to use the 'MV series' CNC wire-cut EDM as its main product. This series of machine tools can handle a wide range of machining operations from high-precision mold machining to parts machining, and expand laser Sales of processing machines and other products, and strive to achieve annual sales of more than 60 machine tools in Indonesia in the future.
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