mmc-gamuda\'s tunnel boring machine up for award

by:Gewinn     2019-08-16
Kuala Lumpur: variable density tunnel drilling rig (VD TBM)
Underground works for rapid rail transit in Basheng Valley (Sungai Buloh-Kajang Line)
Has been shortlisted for the annual Technology Innovation Award hosted in London this year-
New civil engineer based in Switzerland
It is headquartered in the International Association for tunnels and underground spaces.
The international tunnel and underground space Awards of the year recognize outstanding performance in international tunnel and underground space project delivery.
Jointly designed and developed by MMC
Gamuda and Herrenknecht AG engineers believe that the vd tbm shortlisted is to significantly improve the safety of tunnel construction through highly variable and challenging karstic limestone ground conditions in Kuala Lumpur, while significantly improving the safety of tunnel construction
\"With the technological innovation of vd tbm, since July, we have successfully completed the tunnel work of the extremely challenging karstic limestone section of the SBK line, measuring the total tunnel length 7.
5 km-there were only two minor sinkholes.
\"In contrast, this is 95% less than the 41 + drop holes that occurred when we dug a distance of 9 km kilometers under the same karstic limestone terrain of the rain water management and road tunnel (Smart)
As early as the project in 2003, \"MMC Gamuda KVMRT (T)
Ubull Din Om, general manager, Sdn Bhd construction.
\"On a per kilometer basis, this is equivalent to 4.
Smart has 5 sinkholes per kilometer, but only 0.
SBK line 3 sinkholes per kilometer.
\"This is a major improvement by any standard,\" said Ubull . \" He added that during the tunnel construction, there was little impact on the existing property located along the tunnel route.
As a breakthrough in tunnel technology, VD boring machines used in SBK lines produce \"different densities\" of mud when tunneling under unpredictable ground conditions-the first such innovation in the world.
Using the experience of the intelligent tunnel, vd tbm is a new type of tunnel machinery that can safely pass through the tunnel
Underground caves connected in the Karstic limestone formation, resulting in a minimum or zero risk of ground subsidence.
As the tunnel works advance, the karstic limestone will no longer be an obstacle to building underground space in a highly urbanised environment like Kuala Lumpur.
For the tunnel industry worldwide, vd tbm opens up new possibilities for new tunnel works around the world, where, thanks to challenging geological conditions, tunnel works were previously considered
Dr. Martin Herrenknecht, founder and chairman of Herrenknecht AG, expressed confidence in the achievement of the innovation award for vd tbm. “It (the VD TBM)
This is a \"real technological innovation\" since the introduction of earth pressure balance shield 30 years ago \".
The world must be aware of this (
Breakthrough in technology)
Said Herrenknecht.
Also, MMC-
Gamuda published a paper on vd tbm technical breakthrough and successful completion of karstic limestone tunnel in Kuala Lumpur at the British tunnel Association Conference and Exhibition 2014 held in London on the 23rd.
The winners of 2014 International tunnel and underground space Awards will be announced in London on December 4.
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