monstrous tunnel-boring machine makes history at the lowest point in l.a.\'s transit system

by:Gewinn     2019-08-08
Under the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the line formed from the wide museum goes down and sits in the deepest part of the Los Angeles subway system.
When it is finished, the Bunker Hill station will be in one of its own categories.
At 110 feet metres below the street, it will be the only station without escalators, relying instead on a row of elevators to send passengers to the platform.
The site became part of Los Angeles on Thursday. A.
Transport history.
In front of a group of TV cameras and enthusiastic viewers, the staff made way for the huge tunnel Angeli --
Since February, it has been devouring the boring machine of the cornerstone below downtown Los Angeles because it has played a magical role.
110 feet below Grand Avenue on 2nd Avenue, the sound of the city center\'s car horn and roaring vehicles is nothing more than a distant gray noise.
Instead, the sound of the boots on the metal platform, generator and crane winches
The sharp scream created the atmosphere.
There are rows of sealed utilities and power cables at the top of the cave, like an industrial art device.
When Angeli approached the final destination of the day on Thursday --
The end of a 22-foot-
Wide pipe previously sealed with concrete
A huge thunder similar to the broken ice sheet was released at the work site.
\"It sounds like King Kong behind the gate,\" joked one worker . \".
A few minutes later, as the scraper, disc and wide face of the cutter of the machine crossed the wall, officials celebrated the incident as a milestone in the construction of the metro area Connector transport project.
When the mud of the machine spills, large pieces of rock, mud and dirt spill over the ground
When swallowing dirt and spitting water to relax the soil, the face of the lumps continues to twist.
\"I am a supporter of public transport, and most of us are.
\"We are proud to be involved,\" said project engineer WEEE Bragard . \". The 1,000-ton, 400-foot-
Four months ago, long plane began its underground tour in Little Tokyo.
On Thursday morning, a mud wall was broken through at the planned Grand Avenue art/Bunker Hill station, and the Machine will leave and continue to dig in the financial district of the city center until it reaches 4 and Flower Street in a few weeks.
When the whole $1. 75-
Completed a billion projects in 2021
The shaped tunnel will allow commuters to move from Long Beach to Azusa and from East Los Angeles using a trainA.
To Santa Monica, connecting the farthest places in some counties
Residents without time
Transfer of consumption.
\"The dream of connecting the subway system to the whole area has now become a reality,\" Metro Commission chairman John Fazana said in a statement . \".
Subway spokesman Rick Jager said Angeli traveled 1,440 feet kilometers from Tokyo to Bunker Hill.
The crew has set up 18,000 tons of prefabricated concrete after the machine and sealed the pipe with 1,000 gallons of grout.
When Angeli reaches the fourth and Flower streets, it will be sent back to Little Tokyo, where it will start digging the second parallel tunnel.
According to subway reports, it will take about six months for each tunnel to be completed.
The light rail tunnel will eventually connect the Blue, Expo and Gold lines of the subway.
The tunnel will also connect three new stations in Tokyo and the financial district: 1st from Tokyo, Jr;
2nd from Broadway station near Civic Center;
2nd place/Hope Street station near Bunker Hill.
It is expected that the line will serve 88,000 passengers per day, including 17,000 new passengers, and reduce the travel time by about 20 minutes.
Los Angeles used to be considered a place unlikely to achieve such a grand ambition, a land that is considered too imposing and unpredictable.
On 1971, a methane explosion in a water hole in Silma killed 17 miners.
In 1985, underground gas was accumulated in a clothing store on 3rd Street and ferfax Street. when it exploded, nearly 24 people were injured and many people questioned the wisdom of building a regional subway system.
Gas is not the only problem for the city\'s first underground building.
In 1994, when the Red Line staff were digging under Hollywood, its stars --
Studded boulevard sank 10 inch, and two years later, the 101 highway dropped nearly 4 inch.
Soon after, a new type of tunnel machine appeared at the scene as the Metropolitan Transport Authority built the golden line.
By keeping steady pressure on the planet while digging, operators minimize sinking and ups and downs
Sinking and bulging
Two evils of tunnel excavation.
When miners are enclosed in capsules in the diameter of the tunnel, dangerous gases are easier to discharge.
Richard mckeland, the project\'s chief mechanical engineer, told The Times that with old equipment, the ground could move an inch and a half.
On this project, the sensor captures no more than 0 movement, he said. 16 inch.
The workers cleaned up the beams supporting the tunnel wall in order to make way for the drilling below 2nd m wide. pic. twitter.
The subway is 1 feet underground in Bunker Hill and is reaching the midpoint on a section of the tunnel.
The wall will soon be drilled. pic. twitter.
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Staff writer Thomas coven contributed to the report.
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