more 3d printed gadgets for woodworking

by:Gewinn     2020-06-10
A series of simple 3d printing gadgets make life easier in your woodworking workshop.
This is a follow-up
On my previous Instructure, make useful 3D printing gadgets for your workshop.
You can view the original structure here.
Some gadgets may be available;
So, you decide if you want to do it yourself.
Other gadgets are custom designed/manufactured for my woodworking workshop and for my specific equipment.
All the gadgets are designed in Autodesk Fusion 360;
The generated stl file is included in 3d printing and you can use or modify it for free.
I use the Dremel Idea Builder 3d printer to print with PLA filament.
Let\'s start with the clamping gadget.
You can never have enough clips!
These are corner clamping pads that can slide onto standard Irwin fastGrip clamps.
They will work together to open a corner.
Print a set of four clips and you can finish your box or frame.
This and the following design can be modified and adjusted for other types of fixtures.
Replace lost or worn pads for your Irwin fast
Grab the grip clip with your own 3d printed version.
I wish I could print flexible filaments on my printer.
Glue 80-if necessary-
Stick sandpaper to your face to prevent slipping.
Create professional fixture pads with v-
As shown in the figure, it is used to keep the groove of the circular piece.
They make it much easier to cut pipes or pins.
The belt clamp is used to clamp larger assemblies with square or odd angles.
This is an improvement and a simpler 3d print version of my previous band clamp Instructable.
The size of the clamping block is 3/4 \"nylon strap.
Create an adjustable loop using tri-glide buckles (see Step 14). A Quick-
The grip clamp pulls the strap around the assembly.
The picture is blind-
The bird\'s tail box.
Use these blocks to support the clips as shown, and arrange them to bond a rectangular frame or box.
Make assembly and bonding easier.
Dimensions of Bessey parallel fixture;
Modify the design for your specific parallel or F-
Style of bar clips.
Support the pipe clamp with these blocks.
Size of 1/2 pipe.
There is a shorter, higher version so you can set the jigs that cross each other as you did in the previous step. Clip-
On the spacer sheet, prevent the workpiece from staying on the pipe.
This is what I call \"cheese \";
But hey, it works! Frankenclamp! 3d-
Print This adapter for Irwin fast-
Grip clamps, you can expand the range of your clips.
As long as the middle part of the clip connection is out of the way, it will work properly! Awesome!
Use a similar connector design for other types of fixtures.
You can use this fixture to do pin joint or pin and loose joint.
Hook the edge of the 3/4 \"plate, clamp firmly, and drill holes for pins or pins, which is very helpful for straight drills.
3/8 \"size of drill bit and pin.
Since it is made of PLA plastic, it will wear out as it is drilled when worn out, so just print a new one.
It shows a loose \"tension\" consisting of five 3/8 pins \".
Holes and gaps on vertical side blocks are used for alignment.
Need to find and mark the center of the pin or disk?
Draw a few lines on your round work and they intersect in the center.
Size up to 2 inch in diameter.
Make a smaller or larger version according to your needs.
When building a larger box, Cabinet case or frame, use this meter to measure, compare, and pass the internal dimensions.
Check the square by comparing two interior diagonal lines. 3d-
Print cam lever (use supports)
, Then reinforced with 8d nails of the hinge pin on the Cam rod.
Designed for hard wooden piles of 1/4.
The figure shows the usage of the gauge.
Drilling and drilling group in physical stores (DeWalt)
Put it in this tray with hex keys.
Organize good things!
Make similar trays for other professional drill bits, as shown in the rice Forstner drill.
Fixed belt and/or is the Mitter table of the disk Sander misplaced or lost?
An accurate 45 degree chamfer or point of sand, as shown at the end of a column, pin, or trim.
Modify the design of other fixed angles.
In addition, please make sure to modify the design of the chute for the machine.
Fixed using a similar design
The diagonal angle gauge of your band saw.
Do you route or cut a special profile that needs to be polished and cleaned?
Make your own grinding blocks to match the contours while making it easy on your fingers.
The 1/2 and 3/8 circular profiles of the grooves on the cutting plate are displayed;
And the inner and outer corners are polished.
Design other profiles for v-grooves, round-
Roman Augus and so on. These tri-
Glide buckle is used with 3/4 nylon straps.
I don\'t know how strong they are, so be careful not to use them where people, animals or equipment are in danger.
If you have any ideas for other gadgets, or any improvements to the ones on display, please let me know!
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