Mori Seiki and others have developed a micro-component processing system with a workpiece size of 1mm or less

by:Gewinn     2022-05-04
Mori Seiki Co., Ltd. exhibited at the '25th Japan International Machine Tool Show (JIMTOF2010)' (October 28 to November 2, 2010, Tokyo Ariake International Convention and Exhibition Center), which is used to operate workpieces with a size of less than 1mm. 'Micro Parts Handling System'. The system was jointly developed by Seimori Machinery and Irzen Precision (Headquarters: Irama City, Saitama Prefecture), the University of Tokyo, and Micro Manufacturing Studio (Headquarters: Irama City, Saitama Prefecture). Micro-manipulators (Micro Hands) that operate both arms while viewing the captured images on a monitor are used to capture images of tiny parts manufactured by precision machining machines with a CCD camera to transport and assemble parts. By increasing the number of axes of the micromanipulator to 8 axes on each side (including the opening and closing of the clip part of the micromanipulator) and adopting the unique structure of the arc-drawing drive of the micromanipulator centered on the top of the clip holding the workpiece, 'as in It’s as natural to operate with your own hands” (Mori Seiki). In a device that operates such small micro-components, the deformation of the constituent parts and the loosening and instability of the joints will greatly affect the overall performance of the device. Therefore, in this system, precision parts produced by ultra-precision machining machines are used for the drive mechanism and the constituent parts. The X/Y/Z three-axis driving the desktop carrying the micro-manipulator adopts a mechanical drive mechanism based on gears, but the four-axis (A/B/C/W axis) that changes the direction and angle of the micro-manipulator needs to be It is very finely controlled, so an electric drive mechanism using an electric motor is used. This enables precise manipulation of the micromanipulator. This system was developed by Mori Seiki and others in response to the growing demand for the production of sub-millimeter (Submilli Order) tiny parts centered on the medical field. The goal is to reach the practical level in fiscal 2011. In order to make it easy for small and medium-sized enterprises to introduce it, it is considered to be listed at a price of 2 million to 5 million yen.
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