Mori Seiki will hold a production efficiency exhibition at the end of this month

by:Gewinn     2022-05-04
Mori Seiki Co., Ltd. will hold an early summer production efficiency exhibition at the Iga Works in Japan from June 19th to 21st. The Iga Works is a comprehensive production base for Mori Seiki. In recent years, due to the prosperity of 'heavy and growing' industries such as steel, petrochemical, coal, shipbuilding, etc., the large-scale and complex processing industry has developed rapidly. The display this time is centered on the corresponding 5-axis control processing machines, with a strong lineup and a complete variety. This time, there are mainframe exhibition halls, 5-axis control processing machine exhibition halls, automation system exhibition halls, mold exhibition halls and other categories of machinery. The layout of the exhibition will meet the needs of customers and market trends. As the focus of the display of main models, there are 5-axis control high-precision vertical machining center NMV8000DCG, horizontal machining center NH6300DCGII suitable for heavy cutting/rapid cutting, and the world's fastest large-scale multi-processing machine NT6600DCG, which became the Mori Seiki Group last year. The DH80 (CPP specification) of its DIXImachines, and the DuraVertical5060/DuraVertical5100 for the European and American markets have also been sold in China. Among the peripheral machines on display are the DDRT-260 rotary machine tool that realizes high-precision cutting with zero backlash, and the fixtures of TOBLERS.A.S., a subsidiary of Mori Seiki Group since last year. Various exhibitions are held for the needs of customers. In addition, there are various seminars introducing the latest models and machining technologies. The main topics of the seminars include: machining examples of 5-axis machining, high-efficiency machining of aircraft parts, solutions for titanium alloy machining, and difficult machining technologies, etc. .
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