musk\'s tunnel-boring firm seeks u.s. tariff exemption for chinese parts

by:Gewinn     2019-09-08
A company owned by Elon Musk is trying to reduce the high cost of construction.
The high-speed transport tunnel has asked the Trump administration to exempt some Chinese from tariffs.
He warned that tariffs could significantly delay planned tunnels between New York and Washington.
In a July 31 letter posted on the government website last week, boring companies asked the United StatesS.
Trade Representative, responsible for exempting parts such as knife heads, screw conveyors and related machinery.
Bored seeking \"limited parts from China\" nearby\"
The term used in a small number of tunnel drilling machines.
The letter added that the parts were \"only available in China \".
Boring, a private holding, added that it is \"developing and manufacturing our own tunnel rig\" and wants to \"restore what is now
Dormant American tunnel drilling industry.
The company said it would \"use most of the machines\" for a planned tunnel, including a project between Washington and Baltimore\"composed of U. S. content.
Tariffs could cause \"serious economic harm\" to companies and the United States\"S.
Interests, and may lead to the construction of the proposed Washington-to-
The Baltimore tunnel plan eventually extends to New York.
Parts free will not hurt the United States. S.
The company said the tunnel was not one of the 10 industries identified in China\'s \"Made in 2025\" program.
The company said its business model was \"based on a significant reduction in tunnel construction costs.
Musk is also the CEO of Tesla. TSLA. O)
In June, it was proposed to build a $1 billion underground transportation system in Chicago.
The plan will take people to O\'Hare International Airport at 150 miles from downtown Chicago (241 km)per hour.
The company has been promoting its tunnel program to allow high
Speed travel between cities.
The company originally planned to ship passengers between Washington and Baltimore on 125-
Travel 150 miles an hour, but do not use track or rail equipment.
The company proposed to build a 3 on Wednesday. 6-
A mile tunnel between the Los Angeles dodge Stadium and the city metro system. The U. S.
The office of the trade representative and Boring did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
Boring said in a previous letter that it was converted from Diesel
Innovations were made in \"concrete mixing, segmented production, excavation and transport practices.
Other companies including General Motors (GM. N)
Seeking new US exemptionsS.
Tariffs on Chinese imports.
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