Of the wood lathe several injuries

by:Gewinn     2020-04-29
Wood lathe is the tool of processing wood is often used to play a decisive role in the woodworking industry. Also promote the development of the woodworking industry. Its processing of the advantages of high efficiency, high precision, high quality. For enterprises, the use of wood lathe, increase profits, improve the efficiency of the enterprise, is a good helper of wood products processing. But also often appear when using some harm accident, how to avoid some problems when using? Only to understand the problem is where to avoid the problems. Today we will come to you look at the main injury accident is that several aspects. Tool cutting damage its reason is various, due to the natural wood defects ( Such as knots, ambrosia, decay, etc. ) Or processing defects ( Such as silking) Cause cutting resistance suddenly change; The wood is too narrow, short, thin, lack of enough supporting surface for clamping fixed difficulty; Manual feeding control posture is not stable, make the timber in processing by the shock, vibration, bounce, side down, cracking, could make the manipulator lost control of the wood, the push hand touch wood cutting tool damage. Due to the high speed movement and more knife edge tool, even an instant touch can also lead to serious consequences. The rebound in the side of the wood impact injury. Cause the damage is due to the irregular shape wood, the saw cutting points after the center of gravity position change cause side; Caused by wood property or scar furuncle binging suddenly bounce off again; Due to the bending wood after pressurized alignment, in the process of processing a variety of reasons, such as elastic recovery is likely to cause the rebound of lumber cuts. Fly out of combat damage. The defect or damage is due to the tool itself with defects, stress or high speed in the wood processing, result in tool damage, for example, cutter fracture tooth and saw blade fracture, planer knives fly out, etc. ; Waste wood cleaning not clean, when processing the cause nails or other binding debris avalanche left; And wood debris flying out of cuts. In general cases, the main problem is out in the above several aspects, if is in use or is time attention to the above several aspects of the production, will reduce a lot of hurt accidents.
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