Okuma launches the best-selling vertical MC improved model

by:Gewinn     2022-05-25
Japan Okuma has developed a new vertical machining center (MC) model with a machining dimensional deviation of only 8 μm after long-term use by adopting the original 'Thermo Friendly Concept' that can achieve high thermal stability. MILLAC 561VOkuma is a newly established company after the merger of Okuma and Machinery in July 2006. MILLAC 561V is the best-selling MC of the former Okuma and Machinery. The new product achieves high thermal stability by incorporating Okuma's technology. The so-called thermal affinity concept means that while reducing the heat generated by the machine tool as much as possible, for the unavoidable heat, the influence of the heat is eliminated by the method of prediction and compensation, so that the machining accuracy can be kept stable. Previously, this technology has been applied to many Okuma mechanical products and has been well received by users. In order to apply this technology on the MILLAC 561V, Okuma has re-researched and improved its structure, such as keeping the worktable symmetrical. In the end, the 'top machining accuracy' for a vertical MC with a movement amount of X1050×Y560×Z520mm for each axis and a spindle taper of No. 50 was achieved (exhibition lecturer). In order to realize the concept of thermal affinity, Okuma's latest model 'OSP-P200M' is used for the NC device. Previously, the MILLAC 561V was also equipped with an NC device made by Okuma, but it was an old model. The MILLAC 561V is the first product to be equipped with the OSP-P200M on the original Okuma Toyoka machine. At present, most of Okuma's models are equipped with NC devices manufactured by FANUC, and the proportion of Okuma-made NC devices will be continuously increased in the future. Since the MILLAC 561V is equipped with a high-power spindle with a spindle taper of No. 50 and a rectangular guide sliding surface, it has won unanimous praise from users as a high-efficiency machining machine. On this basis, this time it has a high thermal stability, and it will be widely marketed mainly to the mold processing industry in the future. The new product is scheduled to be available in spring 2007, at roughly the same price as the current model.
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