On the problem of welding numerical control woodworking lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-19
Numerical control woodworking lathe belongs to large equipment, in addition to the usual maintenance, long running, unavoidably case of damage, this is very normal. If the problem is not timely solve, will certainly affect the work efficiency and service life of the whole equipment, so you have to make certain welding and repair welding process, which need to pay attention to what? Today small make up take you to get to know it. 1. Welding technology welding a part had better not often happen, choose a professional, succeeded in welding, and welding to avoid repetition. 2. Preparation to welding or repair welding, whether it's the first time to do a good job cleaning, removing debris, keep the lubrication. 3. Check the work after welding, must carry on the strict inspection. Determine welding normal before he can continue to use. The third point mentioned above to determine the numerical control woodworking lathe welding correctly or not is described in our website, you can refer to use.
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