Operating CNC woodworking lathe main points

by:Gewinn     2020-04-16
CNC woodworking lathe operation need to manage our operations, only in this way can help us better equipment processing production, we share of sanjiang CNC machinery operating CNC woodworking lathe point introduction! When we were in the use of equipment of the spindle motor is the main drive spindle and motor rotor driven directly close 2 for one, so that the spindle assembly layout more compact, light weight, inertia small, advances the main shaft, suspend the echo characteristics, the current high speed machine tool spindle choose this way, more like spindle is also known as motorized spindle system of nc machine tool feed movement, especially summarizes the feed movement of control system, it is necessary to feed movement of the azimuth and the speed of movement of the two aspects together to complete automatic control, demand the feed system has high positioning accuracy and excellent dynamic echo characteristics. Second is the main drive with change gear after a few of gear transmission, make main drive subsection stepless, order to secure the larger torque at low speeds, satisfied with the spindle demand for output torque characteristics in order to ensure the transmission accuracy of nc machine tool feed system, the sensitivity and the stability of operation, the lathe some general need is to eliminate the gap, reduce conflict, cutting movement inertia; The other is the machine belt transmission of main drive the transition of the motor shaft by the belt transmission is passed to the main shaft, because do not have to gear, therefore, can prevent vibration and noise caused by gear transmission. We must not only pay attention to the usual use, also must pay attention to the regular maintenance, only in this way can guarantee the service life of numerical control woodworking lathe! We in the usual sanjiang CNC machine tool tip must be carried out in accordance with the safety operation process!
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