Operating risk factors that should pay attention to automatic woodworking sander

by:Gewinn     2020-06-21
As is known to all, in the process of using automatic woodworking sander, if improper operation, or not in accordance with the safety rules using machinery, is easy to cause mechanical accident, a lot of hidden trouble to the operating personnel's safe operation. So automatic woodworking sander security hidden danger is only this? Certainly not. Let's to introduce several common automatic woodworking sander under safe hidden trouble. 1, fire. Fire danger exists in every link of the whole process of wood processing, wood work place is one of the focuses of fire. Suspended in space of wood dust in a certain situation or explode. 2, dust. Wood processing will be produced a lot of dust, tiny particles of wood dust deposition in the nasal cavity or lungs, can lead to the nasal mucosa function decline, and even lead to wooden pneumoconiosis ( Commonly known as for pneumoconiosis) 。 3, biological effects and chemical hazards. The biological effects of lumber consists of toxicity, irritability, biological activity, etc. It can cause many different symptoms and processes, such as skin symptoms, vision disorders, stimulation to mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, allergic symptoms and pathological changes, as well as a variety of symptoms. Chemical hazards because of wood preservation and adhesive is to use a variety of chemicals, including many will cause poisoning, dermatitis, or damage to the respiratory tract mucous membrane, even cause cancer.
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