Opportunities and the development of numerical control woodworking lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-16
Our country numerical control woodworking machine industry development has been the most glorious moment, will soon celebrate the rational development of era. The tenth five-year plan is our country numerical control woodworking locomotive bed high-speed development period, then the eleventh five-year plan will be a period of strategic opportunities for the development of numerical control woodworking lathe. Strategic opportunities mainly displays in: '11th five-year plan' under the guidance of scientific concept of the national economy, will be more stable and orderly development; State council on the decision of the urban and rural integration, will greatly speed up the development process of the equipment manufacturing industry in our country, especially the new farming from reform of the national key support, a large number of old house dangerous house have become the villa communities, neat buildings, city of a batch of low-rent housing, affordable housing, greatly increase the occupancy, pointed out the direction to the development of numerical control woodworking machine industry. The economic development of the eleventh five-year plan key is to realize the economic growth mode transformation, the transformation direction of advanced manufacturing industry is a traditional manufacturing industry, traditional industries such as automobile, machinery, electrical appliances, textile, agricultural machinery, environmental protection and other industries of technological transformation, the demand for numerical control woodworking lathe continue to rise; Electronic information, biological engineering, new energy, new materials, etc. The development of high-tech industries and precision, high efficiency, CNC woodworking machine opens up new demand; From analysis of regional development, the eastern part of our country industry upgrading, such as the northeast old industrial base in northeast and Midwest development pace, the development of numerical control woodworking lathe industry in the domestic market; Economic globalization, the international transfer of capital and industry to China, international technology and talent exchange, and the strong development of China's international trade, the development of our country numerical control woodworking lathe industry provides the external environment, put us in a rare strategic development. So-called strategic opportunity is to point to in a relatively long time, relatively broad space, has significant influence on the industry development of the special period. Strategic opportunities rare, seize the strategic opportunity, accelerate development, is the western of numerical control woodworking lathe industry in China to win.
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