outdoor wood furniture x96 check the wood species before purchasing

by:Gewinn     2020-06-08
Not long ago, most of the outdoor furniture was made of teak.
Teak has proved to be an ideal wood variety for outdoor furniture because of its high durability, easy to use machine tools, its low radial and tangent expansion coefficient (
This reduces the potential problem of swelling when distorted or wet)
Charming color, good working performance.
However, this wide use of teak, including marine decoration, has already paid a considerable environmental price.
The large forests that used to be in Southeast Asia have been so heavily cut that the legally cut teak is now only available in a very limited amount, which is reflected in its high price.
But unfortunately, illegal logging is still rampant in many parts of Southeast Asia, ensuring the continued supply of furniture trade.
For example, teak plantations have been established in some countries (
Probably planted in most cases where there was once a big forest).
But the harvest age of this plantation teak is much smaller, which is traditionally the case, so be careful when assuming the properties of this young wood (
Including durability)
Will be the same as the old growing teak.
Many responsible furniture manufacturers now use only teak certified by independent bodies such as the Forest Management Board.
If the sustainability of forests and good forestry practices are an important consideration when choosing furniture, then look for the FSC logo or ask your retailer to provide documentation to show the source of wood.
Note, however, that even if the label attached to any wooden furniture claims that the wood is from a sustainable forest, unfortunately there is no clear guarantee that this is true.
You can do some verification by looking at the FSC website, which shows which companies and even manufacturers the FSC has provided official certification.
In recent years, there are more and more different kinds of wood used in outdoor furniture, especially in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil and other places.
Unfortunately, many of the furniture that is now produced takes price as the primary consideration, with little regard to the durability or performance of the furniture.
These days, in addition to a plain statement, such as wood made with durable hard wood, the name of the actual wood type is not even shown.
Of course, many of the wood is transported to furniture manufacturers far away from the original source of the wood, which makes it more difficult to keep track of the actual supply countries or regions.
Therefore, it is generally not guaranteed that these furniture will be completely exposed to elements year after year in the harsh environment of outdoor use, which looks magnificent in the covered showroom.
Apart from not indicating which wood species are used, sometimes the species of wood cited are almost unknown outside of origin, and data on their durability or other properties either do not exist or are extremely difficult to find.
While we only mentioned the durability factor above, this is not the only property you should care about.
Many timber varieties, while very durable, are also prone to distortion, warping and cracking in adverse climatic conditions, especially in cases involving thin wood parts.
Again, teak has proved to be a very stable species in this regard, but other species are not necessarily so stable.
While some outdoor furniture is less expensive and attractive in color, we strongly recommend that you ask your retailer frequently to provide the name and source of the type of wood used.
If you are not familiar with this species, do not provide other data, and your independent study does not find data for these species, you should consider it carefully before purchasing. .
High quality outdoor furniture should provide many years of service, and from the perspective of longer service life and higher quality products, its higher initial cost will inevitably be rewarded.
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