Outstanding Advantages and instructions of solid wood processing equipment production line

by:Gewinn     2020-03-04
1, the whole machine all cast iron structure, the main components are used at home and abroad well-known enterprises to produce products, simple operation, stable equipment. 2. The drill seat can be turned over, either vertically or horizontally, and the drill row can be adjusted by 90 degrees, making it more convenient to use. 3. The products of furniture production line are electronic digital display, and foreign advanced electronic digital devices are selected, so the working status is clear at a glance. Instructions for Use 1. All operating procedures shall be used according to the description on the production device. 2. It is not allowed to change the production device and the additional equipment in the scope of supply without authorization, especially to change or stop running those devices used for positive and negative protection. 3, do not reach into the feed area, do not approach the roller, and keep a sufficient distance from the moving workpiece. I. Noise mechanism of furniture production line 1. Mechanism vibration noise structure vibration noise is mainly composed of the following four parts: a/vibration generated by the main saw blade and Fu saw blade during rotary motion, the rotation axis of solid wood processing equipment is usually eccentric to a certain extent due to uneven material, blank defects, heat treatment deformation, processing or assembly errors, etc, centrifugal inertia force is generated when the shaft rotates, thus causing vibration and noise. B/noise generated by the contact between mechanical parts and the contact interaction between solids. C/noise is generated in the process of force transmission. In addition to noise caused by friction, rolling and impact, due to the uneven transmission of force, mechanical parts will also vibrate and generate noise. D/noise generated by the motor itself 2. Aerodynamic noise the generation of aerodynamic noise is mainly due to the flow field formed in the surrounding area when the saw blade rotates, interaction between sawtooth and saw blade itself in mobile occasions. When the flow velocity changes, the airflow around the saw blade and the Sawtooth will generate turbulence, vortex and other phenomena, causing the gas to vibrate, thus forming aerodynamic noise. The aerodynamic noise emitted by the rotating circular saw blade has a single source at the same time, so the aerodynamic noise emitted by the saw blade at the rotating clock is the result of the simultaneous action of students with different properties, therefore, it is a complicated occurrence process.
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