Qingdao drilling operation of the note

by:Gewinn     2020-04-28
Qingdao drilling is a multiple drill porous processing machinery and can work together, the following is to introduce a discharge drilling operation notice: 1, should be on time, volume, add lubricating oil to the machine as required. 2, the operator must be familiar with the structure of the machine performance and working principle, achieve the safety in production. 3, the operator should be dressed, grew up may not wear clothes, in order to avoid accident 4, the operator shall not unarmed near or touching any rotating machine parts. Shall not wear gloves operation, so as not to drill blade hook, cause an accident. 5, it is forbidden to pathological and drink and machine operation. 6, when the machine's operation, the operator must concentrate, hold position. 7, should maintain a clean and tidy work place, the light is good, don't put the tools and other objects on the machine tool 8 left the machine operators, the machine should be closed. 9, should be at the operation of machine tools clean. Woodworking machinery co. , LTD. , the main production machinery, woodworking drill, in the production of woodworking machinery has a solid strength and excellent technology. Our company undertake customized production of large mechanical equipment, looking forward to your cooperation.
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