Quanzhou issued policies to encourage the application of 'NC generation' products

by:Gewinn     2022-05-02
A few days ago, the Municipal Economic and Trade Commission and the Municipal Finance Bureau jointly issued the 'Notice on the Application of Special Funds for Accelerating the Development of the Machinery and Equipment Industry in Quanzhou City' (hereinafter referred to as the 'Notice'). According to reports, the 'Notice' encourages Quanzhou mechanical equipment industry technology and product research and development, promotion and application of 'NC generation' products, and priority support will be given to enterprises included in the 'NC generation' mechanical product innovation and application demonstration project and key enterprises in the machinery and equipment industry in Quanzhou. . If different projects of the same enterprise meet the subsidy conditions of the 'NoticeRu0026D of core technologies The highest award is 2 million yuan. In terms of technology Ru0026D, the 'Notice' encourages machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises to organize and implement major projects such as major project construction, core technologies in key areas, key technologies common to the industry, and public platforms. Focus on supporting CNC machine tools, industrial robots, construction machinery, textile and shoe-making machinery, building materials machinery, CNC and intelligent technology and other fields. A certain amount of financial subsidies will be given to implementing enterprises or units, with a maximum of no more than 2 million yuan. Such application projects should meet the support priorities, effectively drive the transformation, upgrading and development of the machinery and equipment industry, have good industrialization prospects, and basically implement Ru0026D funds; the public platform should meet the support direction and have sustainable service capabilities; the total investment of the project is in principle Not less than 10 million yuan, and 30% or more of the total investment has been completed, and the project implementation period generally does not exceed 3 years. Project implementation units should have strong technical development and project implementation capabilities. According to reports, enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and independent brands that develop the first (set) of major equipment and key components, which have been identified as new products at the leading domestic level and above by relevant qualification agencies at the provincial level and above, can apply for relevant awards. For complete sets of equipment, single equipment, key components or total integration projects that have major innovations in principle, structure, performance, etc., after being identified, a one-time subsidy of 30% of the development cost will be given to the enterprise, and the maximum subsidy amount will not exceed 100. million. In addition, machinery and equipment enterprises are encouraged to establish Ru0026D and testing institutions, and certain financial subsidies will be given to those identified as municipal key Ru0026D demonstration enterprises, with a maximum one-time subsidy of 500,000 yuan.
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