Safe use of the numerical control woodworking lathe

by:Gewinn     2020-04-23
Numerical control woodworking lathe replaced the original pure hand-made, got a lot of support and trust of users. Is a kind of high precision numerical control woodworking lathe equipment, in use must pay attention to the safety in production equipment, to do all the nip in the bud. Below small make up will make a brief introduction of numerical control woodworking lathe the safe use of rules: 1, check the various parts of the lathe device and worker, fixture, flexible and reliable, workpiece clamping and plunger top tight, turn the test run by hand, after confirmation in good condition, can drive a car, hard and soft wood, and according to the workpiece choice made when the feed rate and rotational speed adjustment. 2, in the process of turning, shall not be touched by hand to see the smooth degree of workpiece. Use sand paper burnish, should first will take place after you remove tool rest. The lathe turns, hand brake shall not be used. 3, square timber, must first be processed into the cylinder and then on the lathe processing. A knot or crack of wood, is not allowed on the lathe cutting. Numerical control woodworking lathe operation must be carried out by professionals, pay attention to the above questions can reduce the maximum dangerous problems occur, the numerical control woodworking lathe maintenance mode can refer to the website.
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