safety rules for using milling machines

by:Gewinn     2020-06-14
Milling machines require special safety measures during use.
Do not contact the rotary cutter.
Place the wooden pad or suitable cover on the surface of the table to protect it from possible damage.
Use buddy system when moving heavy accessories.
Do not try to tighten the knife bar nut with machine power supply.
When installing or removing milling cutters, always hold them with a rag to prevent cutting hands.
When setting up the work, please finally install the tool to avoid being cut.
Do not adjust the workpiece or work installation device when the machine is running.
The chip should be removed from the workpiece using the appropriate rake and brush.
Keep these key points in mind: never use horizontal milling machines without effective tool protection.
Always fix the workpiece in a balanced position on the table.
If the pair is used, it should be solidly constructed and securely attached to the table.
Do not remove safety restrictions or use them when the trip stops.
Always make sure the tool rotates in the right direction. Always stop the tool spindle when not actually cutting. Always isolate the machine when changing tool or knife lever
They have sharp edges and always change the gear train cover on the dividing head after adjustment. Use the knee brace, never use even a damaged tooth and so on when needed.
Do not insert your finger into the butt or tee slot and remove the parts from the table.
Always ensure that the tensile bolts on the vertical milling machine are properly engaged or tightened.
Note that the chip rake should be made into T-sizeslots.
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Ball mill: Vibrating Screen: turn off the machine before making any adjustments or measurements.
When using the cutting oil, use the appropriate splash-proof device to prevent the splash.
The cutting oil on the floor can cause the operator to be injured, which is the process of processing the plane, bending, or irregular surface, by feeding the workpiece with a rotating tool containing many cutting edges.
The usual Rolling Mill is basically composed of a motor-driven spindle and a reciprocating adjustable work table that installs and turns the milling cutter.
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