Sand GuangJiChang home situation

by:Gewinn     2020-06-23
Sand GuangJiChang home in what is the biggest characteristic in business? Assumes that the answer to the question, trust many people include people will say: 'too cheaply. 'A' for sale ', contains how much sand GuangJiChang home unable to sigh. Sand GuangJiChang home to them in all directions to business, doing business is like no other high ZhaoEr, is on sale to make a living. So you sell me more than you sell, we compare the sale, is ultimately what all too cheaply, and inferior products will happen in this case. This business can make money? When I was a salesman in a sanding machine company work. When conveyor belt economy is still in the booming period, local each sanding machine of the company's business is pretty good, with the current economic crisis is very different. Even so, sand GuangJiChang boss is set too low price, my boss told me, that such low price also does not have a few good customers, how to do this business? Also said that offer cannot go further, drop, less profitable. When I suggested that the boss offer, rely on quality to beat rivals, but was rejected. The boss said, so nobody too cheaply to, forward quotation will be worse? Was also felt that the boss was said to have a point. But after a few years gradually taste, just feel he is poor. Chinese people actually has entered into a myth of business, and for the improvement of business is summarized by treatment, service quality, technical strength and so on factors to obtain, in the combined forces of offer only one of these elements, and can't play a leading role. Madrid a to do foreign trade wholesale merchants, a lament very well with the author talked about the common fault of the Chinese people in business, he said once he treats several Spanish customers to have a meal, a preliminary cost is in a Spanish restaurant, as long as a few dishes, drank some wine, spent almost 200 euros. After the end of a banquet guests didn't enjoy, so he proposed to the hotel for a home. Didn't came to a hotel in the home, after a lot of dishes, theory of food taste, service level, repast environment is as good as the foreign hotel, a group of people to eat and drink to talk long, didn't end until late at night, a reckoning, only more than 80 yuan. He was surprised by this, the heart surges with a deep sorrow. The boss said that we Chinese business is it beneath your dignity, the face of it, 'sale' is how a question of business, and in essence reflects the social status of questions. Because: hard for foreigners to understand what you Chinese people like them, but sell so cheap, they do not make money, that you is how to earn the money come from? Except for tax evasion, or with a work, he's very hard to trust your things from the right path. The Chinese on business, no longer 'sell' way. Sand GuangJiChang home is no longer 'sell' way.
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