Sand GuangJiChang home type of sanding machine to you

by:Gewinn     2020-06-18
Wooden door is with coating abrasive sanding machine ( Sand paper or sand belt) On the surface of the parts, components, sanding and polishing machine. Sanding machine to humble wooden artifacts, particieboard, fiber board, wood veneers of sanding, light on polyester lacquer coating appearance. Can also processing, inner hole surface and all kinds of circular cylindrical surface and; Not only is widely used in enterprise, furniture factory, toy factory, also applied to overlook and pattern shop. Sanding machine has high machining efficiency, smooth finish and high precision and wide applicability etc. , double-sided sanding machine, is wood and a factory is one of the necessary equipment. According to the form of sanding tool and method of use, - a pair of sanding machine is divided into: sanding hunger, kun type disc sander, belt sanding machine, brush sanding machine, such as joint sander categories. A, roller sanding machine, roller sanding machine is emery cloth wrapped around the cylinder roller surface, sanding on parts. Machine tool can be divided into single roll and roll, the different sanding machine price, manual feed and mechanical feed, single and double and sand sand sharpen, vertical and horizontal. Single roller used for timber, makeup components under 400 mm thick and coarse sand processing; Roller is used for mass production, where small alien sanding machine well, wide width ( 800 a 2500 mm) Plate, split board, plywood and combination of fine sand, thicknessing and plane frame. Disc sander: disc sander is the sand paper and paste on the millstone, workpiece surface or a plane through the rotation of the mill sanding. According to the mill equipment location can be divided into single and double plate, vertical and horizontal, abrasive in several and I. Usually use only 30% of the mill diameter in production, suitable for furniture and wooden manufacturing. This kind of machine tool production efficiency is low, the application is less. ( 3) Belt sanding belt sanding machine is to endless belt tensioning in two or more pulleys, the rotation of the pulley make abrasive belt cutting movement and realize the parts processing. Method according to the structure, can be divided into type and horizontal, single abrasive belt and sand belt, manual feed and feed machinery. More than 600 mm for broadband sander. Broadband sander is a highly efficient, highly white still sanding equipment, widely used in large man-made board and solid wood, board type furniture parts sand cut processing, can be thick sanding (end The guarantee and guarantee the workpiece surface finish homework thickness) 。 According to the structure method also has a single abrasive belt, double abrasive belt, abrasive belt; Abrasive belt on work station, sand belt under the working table, or double up and down; Feed method has tracked feed from the feed roller. ( 4) Brush sanding machine: several brush brush sanding machine is interwoven with sandpaper to spread on the circumference of the cylinder, the other end of the sand paper winding on the sleeve. When the cylinder speed reverse, sandpaper the use of centrifugal force and the brush elastic pressure appearance of sanding to the workpiece. Brush sanding machine can be used for sand blasting cut shape appearance. ( 5) Joint sander roller and plate can be combined together, disk and tape together, also can and turning, plane, everything all together, as a fine sand and polishing processing. ( 6) Alien sanding machine is generally for the flat panel sanding machine, four groups of sand roller sanding the panel from four directions, concave and convex surface of panel has a good effect of sanding, can replace artificial sanding effectively.
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