Sander's basic product knowledge

by:Gewinn     2020-06-22
Alien sanding machine is suitable for all kinds of solid wood, composite board, MDF, primer, white enamel, whether regular or special surface and the surface can be rough polishing, sand surface polishing effect is significant. Our company produces the alien sanding machine is equipped with high frequency conversion speed regulating device, appropriate speed can be adjusted according to different plate, ensure the work efficiency and polishing effect. Alien sanding machine is equipped with sisal polishing roll, can polishing MDF, cork, primer and chalk. Alien sanding machine transmission platform made of marble. Compared with the currently used iron plate workbench, higher hardness, not easy to deformation. Disc sand used in great quantities, vertical polishing disc arrangement in complex ways, in order to prevent the tank leakage. Through rapid replacement parts, sand bar is easy to replace. Vertical roller using centrifugal motion principle, polishing deburring time is short, efficiency increased by more than six times, save labor. My company production of special-shaped sanding machine used by the electrical components are all ordinary large manufacturers of products. The real configuration ensures that the stability of the sanding machine and service life. Alien sanding machine is one of the main production equipment of furniture factory. Their work efficiency and work quality directly affect the production of furniture factory. Welcome friends from all walks of life come to my company inspection equipment.
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