Sander terms

by:Gewinn     2020-06-24
Surface sanding, refers to improve the quality of surface, the floor uniform sand to a layer of sand cut processing, to eliminate working procedure to stay on the knife grain, makes the plate surface beautiful, bright and clean, also used to stick a face, dyeing, printing, coating paint. Sandy hair, it is to point to in order to ensure the decorative board ( Stick a face) And bond strength of base material of decorating plate and on the back of the coarse sand cut processing broadband sander [ 1] The lifting screw between vice and frame structure, sanding mechanism building field. It includes sanding machine [ 2] , work platform support respectively connected to the lifting screw pair on both ends of the horizontal axis, lifting screw vice frame and drive the work platform at the transverse support, mobile, working platform at the transverse support work platform. Advantage: it is not only fundamentally solves the lifting screw pair of waterproof, dustproof technology difficult problem, and stable performance is greatly improved; 2 it is due to effectively solve the problems of the lifting screw pair of waterproof, dustproof, not only ensure the synchronization between the two groups lifting screw vice rise and fall of accuracy, and greatly improve the service life.
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