Sanding machine adjustment

by:Gewinn     2020-06-18
( 1) The new abrasive belt ( Before the new sand is lower than sand after 2 degrees) , note the abrasive belt of different mesh debugging have different standard. According to the different technological requirements of different plate sanding machine debugging. 1, such as the floor substrate thickness grinding available 60 # abrasive belt, abrasive belt pick a can. Primer with 320 # sand belt grinding sanding, linyi sanding machine, speed of 6 - 9 hz. (2) the floor sanding, water putty to former sand 100 # sand belt, sand after 150 # abrasive belt. When doing fine sand with sand after 240 # abrasive belt first, after the 320 # abrasive belt. (3) the floor water paint sanding texture shall conform to the requirements of the paint flow ping xu, automatic wood sanding machine, that is to say, grinding accuracy is higher, 320 # sanding, need to pay attention to adjust the belt speed, use visual method to observe the sanding texture, the adjusted after sand. With sand after not leak edges, and no significant sand traces for the specification.
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