Sanding machine daily inspection work?

by:Gewinn     2020-06-19
Sander is a common woodworking equipment, timber production and processing without sanding machine to help, to ensure that the wood processing production, must guarantee the smooth running of sanding machine, trouble-free, so in the process of daily use, must complete the inspection of the sanding machine. 1. Reducer in the first three months of oil change once, and then change the oil every 2000 hours. A month to add a grease each activity part of the machine. 2. Conveyor belt cannot be too loose or too tight, otherwise you will make a transmission shaft deformation, fracture, reduce the service life of the conveyor belt. 3. Machine should avoid direct sunlight, or ultraviolet putty will wheel dry the coating, which damage the coating. 4. If coating wheel soon is damaged, replace with corrosive lower putty, such as NC nitrocellulose lacquer.
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