Sanding machine Lord bearing surprises

by:Gewinn     2020-06-22
Sanding machine is the main bearing of fever or abnormal noise, to timely eliminate trouble, to ensure the normal operation efficiency of the sanding machine, sand roller, guide roller and a main bearing bearing said. Main bearing of sanding machine lines just normal operation and to ensure the quality of the sand plate. Once the main bearing appear problem, will affect the normal operation. The main bearing abnormal oscillation. Sanding machine under normal conditions of the main bearing vibration is very small, have experience of the operator a touch can distinguish whether normal, usually no conditions using the instrument measurement in site, but can use and other housing compared to discrimination, can also how to distinguish from sand plate surface. When abnormal attacks bearing oscillation, consider that there are two reasons, one is bearing damage, can only replace bearing, 2 it is a touch attack roll wear, garden, the original dynamic balance is damaged, forming abnormal oscillation, it is necessary to remove the sand roller for repair. Also pay attention to in the usual time for sanding machine for regular maintenance work, such ability can be very good to ensure the normal operation efficiency of the sanding machine, also can extend its service life.
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